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Thinking of buying a new phone? We’ve got opinions on lots of them this week, and we haven’t even handled those 5G iPhones yet. We published no fewer than three in-depth smartphone reviews yesterday: Google’s Pixel 5, the Pixel 4a 5G and the OnePlus 8T

If anything, Google spoiled its own party by launching the Pixel 4a (sans 5G) a few months earlier. Both of the new Pixels have pretty much the same design, with a few extras and an additional camera sensor. Like our reviewers, I find it hard to get excited about them, though.

OnePlus 8T

The OnePlus 8T, roughly the same price as the Pixel 5, strives for a happy medium between the company’s most expensive device, the 8 Pro, and the basic OnePlus 8. It accomplishes its goal, and throws in a lightning fast charger, too. 

Is it me, or have there been even more phones than ever? And why, when we’re going nowhere this year? 5G, my friend. The next-gen network is gathering pace, and both the phone carriers and phone makers sense the opportunity for easy upgrades — even in people not usually willing to fork out for an incremental phone update. Just take a look at Apple’s iPhone showcase earlier this week — lots of time dedicated to cheerleading 5G — and even featuring my boss’ boss’ boss(?), Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg. Yes, you could probably wait until 2021 to feel the true benefits of 5G. And when you’re ready, there’s a whole family of phones waiting to be bought.

— Mat

You can put down $300 for a reservation, with deliveries scheduled to start in 2021.

Lucid Air reservation screen

Lucid has announced how much it’ll cost for (us normal) folks to buy its new EV, with the base model Air setting you back $77,400. Naturally, that price will fall to $69,900 if, or when, you apply the federal EV tax credit, before you start adding optional extras. For that cash, you’ll get a vehicle with a single 480 horsepower motor and an estimated range of 406 miles on a charge.
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But did they say if it felt good in the hand?

iPhone 12

Now Apple has announced its new iPhones, people want to know how it looks and feels in real life. Unfortunately, current conditions kept reporters away from the event. However, both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro made their debut in the studio on Good Morning America where ABC News’ Becky Worley showed off the devices, including some useful context on those new MagSafe connectors and accessories.
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And the game’s signature swords.

Monster Hunter

As you probably expect, this Monster Hunter trailer has plenty of action — we’re hunting monsters here, after all. Artemis (Jovovich) is the leader of a United Nations military unit that travels through a sandstorm portal to a mysterious world populated by monsters. The squad isn’t exactly used to battling huge beasts, so they team up with a man named Hunter (Tony Jaa) to take them down.
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