What Your Favorite iPod Says About You

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Photo: Justin Sullivan / Staff (Getty Images)

This is the model you got when the rest of the family all had FaceTime and you didn’t. It had enough features to be useful but was still deeply flawed. In the end, you upgraded to an iPhone and never looked back. This is probably in a drawer somewhere, waiting for your return like a sad-eyed and loyal golden retriever.

After the iPod Touch refreshes stopped the iPod bloodline died out, disappearing model by model off of the Apple website. It was a good run, to be sure, and if you took part in the hype machine you’ll look back on the good old days of hard-drive-based music players and scratchy Mp3s as a golden era for consumer electronics. Pour one out for the Shuffles, iPods Classic, and Minis. Gone but not forgotten.

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